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  • Who Are We?

    We’re a boutique development house uniquely placed in the market to provide services to the industry.

  • We could carry on and tell you that like everyone we work with some of the industry’s largest providers but why bother, everyone does.
  • We’re not about that, we focus on your needs, and what matters to us most is providing the right solution to every client: small, big, round or square.

What we do

  • Quality Voice
  • Reliable Messaging
  • Trusted Outsourcing

High quality of service with emphasis on long standing relationships with our customers and partners is key to our values. Providing premium voice communications services for a variety of sectors and operators, Oscatel provides quality services via direct routes based on strong relationships with carefully selected partners.

Comprehensive hubbing services backed by Oscatel’s high performing network provides reliable, direct termination to MNO/ MVNO around the globe. No matter your SMS requirements, our dedicated team are here to help.

Oscatel’s transparent nature and long standing, trusted partnerships provides a one stop shop for many carrier’s needs. The combination of a highly ambitious and experienced team gives you peace of mind.

Our value are what define and drive us

Value, a high quality service and dependable, long term relationships are key to our business. Integrity within the industry is core to our values and we take our responsibility seriously.


Flexible, open minded and the ability to think outside the box gives our edge in a constantly changing environment.


The cogs of Oscatel won’t turn without the support from our employees. We strive to recognize that fact daily helping produce a highly productive environment.


24/7 support supported by a detailed communication and ticketing system ensures we are able to communicate quick and effectively.


High level of compliance through the organization is a high priority.


Accountable, dependable and proactive, we are a group of professionals that act as one empowered team.


Success-driven with ambitious individuals, our passion drives our accomplishments continually pushing us to do better.


An efficient work environment is key to collaborative success. With one common goal, our group of individuals band together to work as a team.